Dr. Mamta's Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre, Bilaspur

Dr. Mamta's Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre, Bilaspur

गुरुद्वारा साहेब के सामने, सिंधी कॉलोनी, जरहाभाठा, बिलासपुर, 495001

Mobile No.

Dr. Mamta Notra Arora (PT)

B.PL, M.PT (Ortho), Reg. No. CGPOC 582
Former Consultant Physiotherapist-Apollo Hospital, Bilaspur
| परामर्श हेतु संपर्क करें: 7000591036

Dr. Mamta's Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre Features

  • Pain Management with Advanced Electrotherapy Equipment. (Like Laser, Combination therapy and Cupping with IRR)
  • Traumatic Joint Rehabilitation
  • Post Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
  • Sports Injury/Ligament Injury
  • Intensive Care Rehabilitation Consultation.
  • Neuro Rehabilitation/Paralysis of any kind.
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation. Sprain / Spondylitis/Heelpain
  • Arthritis/Lower Back Pain.